This is an article that will take up a bit about the SMS loan of USD 6000. The first thing we should do then is define what an SMS loan really is. It is something as simple as a loan that you take only with the help of your mobile phone.

It is also common to use the word SMS loan to describe other smaller loans also that you do not actually use your mobile phone to search. On this site, we have chosen to call these loans micro-loans and they are exactly the same as SMS loans with the difference that they are not only sought using the telephone.

This has a big impact


On you who want to borrow just USD 6,000 through an SMS loan. For it is because this is not an ordinary amount to lend and thus there are not many lenders especially offering their customers this.

Then it is also uncommon for lenders to have real SMS loans in their assortment. The most common thing is that they want customers to apply for the loans online and thus become a micro loan instead.

For this reason, in the list at the bottom of the page, we have chosen to include lenders where online applications apply. Because we believe that it is better that you find a better price than it is precisely with the mobile phone that the application is made.

To think about when taking an SMS / Micro loan


Something that is very important to consider when applying for a loan of this kind is that it is not very cheap to borrow such a small sum as USD 6,000. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay at least USD 1500 for such a loan. The payback period is also relatively short. Usually not 30 days for the smaller SMS loans but usually 60 or 90 days. This means that you have to be able to handle a repayment of over 2000 per month plus the interest rate as it will also be a few hundred dollars per occasion.

The advantage of SMS loans and micro loans is that you can get a sum of money quickly, which can then be used for whatever you want. Just remember not to borrow money unnecessarily as it can be expensive.

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